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user experience.

HD live broadcasting

No caps on bit rates or resolution, your HD content is passed through directly to the viewers.

Live chat and Q&A

Real-time chat and Q&A ability with moderation. And have the ability to view your chat, video and presentation in one easy interface.

On-Demand & recorded broadcasts

All your broadcasts are recorded as private videos which can be made available for attendees who missed their sessions.


Mobile compatible

Videos are available and viewable on all devices with any screen size or bandwidth.

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Tailored live experiences.

Streampoint LIVE is available to be streamed live via web or streamed from 3rd party encoders for full production availability.

Support for and more.

Virtual Sessions

Webinars & Town halls

Broadcast your event of any size - from plenaries to lectures and town halls. Highly secure and streamed via HD to an unlimited number of attendees. Really, well over 10,000 at once.

Take advantage of cloud transcoding, DVR controls, and real-time analytics with video delivered to any device. Extend event value with instant archiving. Scale from a few events to 24/7 live broadcasts. Easily and quickly launch new live events in the live streaming platform, in less than five minutes from live-stream set up to broadcast.

Manage your sessions with advanced moderation controls, collaborative tools like a whiteboard, screen sharing, interactive live quizzing and HD video sharing. 

Breakout Sessions

Help your attendees dive into the topics with breakouts easily with simple drag and drop features. Enable speakers to check-in and out of breakouts as well as set times for breakout events.

Fully branded & tailored solution

A branded & tailored experience that can ensure the right attendees are getting the right access to sessions.

CEU / Accreditation tracking

All data is tracked, including view time, which can be associated to a custom certificate and/or report.

Event sessions

With our easy to navigate interface, participants can select multiple events / sessions and have access to their full schedule via the dashboard for live and recorded events.

Secure access

Your attendees can only access events they are either registered for or allowed to attend. There is no sharing of emails and links to access your specific event here. 


A solution that is integrated with your CRM, AMS platforms while offering your participants with a seamless experience.


Full reporting capabilities such as view times, attendance, and revenue.

Live polls

Create polls on demand as required with real-time on screen results summary. Number of participants, average score & average response time.

Revenue generation

Monetize the online experience with ad spaces, custom video bumpers, and more.

Dedicated support

With Streampoint LIVE, you are back by a full service team of project managers, developers, designers and marketers.

No plugins required

No need to worry about downloading applications on your business computers with limited install access. Enjoy the entire experience with no plugins.

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Social ready

Have your live twitter feed, INGO and other audience growth and social plugins available.

Multiple speakers

Enable up to 5 speakers at once to deliver content as needed. This is great for panels and group sessions.